Our Specialty!

Why choosing us?
When offering handcrafted fur fashion online, it is important to meet our customers special wishes. Being a modern furriery also leads us to go with time and evolve our services to our customers maximum satisfaction.
The Specialty  - Colors
To broaden our customers color possibilities we´ve decided to not work with color palettes but to offer digital color scans. Which means we ask you to send us pictures of your wished color; for example of your inspo pics. Our furriers will then work on the perfect accuracy in close dialogue with you to get the ideal result for your dream fur coat.
The Specialty - Your Personal Fur Customization
Being the creative director of your own Fur Handcrafting? Due to our furriers educated professionalism its possible to work on a unique product which you design for yourself. Your expectations become reality in cooperation with our Atelier. You want a hood? sure! - you want a special collar? of course! - short sleeves? definitely! 
There are no limits to your creativity!
Don´t hesitate to contact us via email or the contact form on the homepage
We are looking forward to realize your ideas!