Care instructions

Furreal places importance on high quality and the best fur products from controlled handmade production.

We will spoil you already with the arrival of your leather or fur garment with an attractive packaging and guarantee that your product can already develop after a short time in full gorgeousness into your luxurious carry-experience.
Please, still heed the following care tips of your Furreal Furs.



We ask you to hang up the Fur Jacket at least for 24H and to shake it up. You will notice that your fur becomes more voluminous with the time. Please do not wonder if your fur looses a couple of hairs in the first days. It is normal due to the fresh production.



Please note that your fur is protectively stored. Your fur coat, fur jacket, fur vest or leather jacket with fur can fade by permanent solar irradiation and therefore change its colour. You should also avoid humidity while carrying or storage.



For the care of your Furreal Furs we ask you only to dry clean it. You can hang up the fur and comb with a chunky comb. Please also avoid unnecessary warmth, like heating springs or heated air to dry it after it is moistured. Your fur or leather only needs air to let it softly dry.


Should you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Care- team via